Your Access To A Prime Source Of Top Quality Products For Your Membership Site At The Lowest Price Point Is Just A Few Clicks Away!

Just take a look at some major benefits and unlimited money making ideas...

  • 01. 12 premium memberships

    01. 12 premium memberships

    With your membership, you'll get not only 1 but 12 premium access to our individual monthly membership sites!

  • 02. Wide array of profitable products

    02. Wide array of profitable products

    You'll get a wide range of products from videos, audiobooks, sound effects, ebooks, reports, courses, websites and much more to profit from!

  • 03. Done-for-you membership site structure

    03. Done-for-you membership site structure

    Let us do the hard part by setting up your membership site structure so you'll get started in no time!

  • 01. Brand products to spread the word out

    01. Brand products to spread the word out

    Get the word out of your products and services by branding the items you get from your membership!

  • 02. Create a website around a niche topic

    02. Create a website around a niche topic

    With the various product types and theme you get, create a website around a niche topic!

  • 03. No limits for profits

    03. No limits for profits

    Create a membership site, sell products individually, use the products to market your services, use it as web content - the possibilities are endless!

The Fastest Way To Make Money Online

Did you know that the single most powerful way to automatically generate recurring massive online revenue is by creating your own membership website?

Here’s How It Works

The concept of a membership site is a simple one:

  • Create a website around a niche topic
  • Pack the website with high quality information products
  • Charge people a reasonable monthly fee to access this information
  • Keep the website’s contents fresh and updated to retain members

That’s it! 

According to Wikipedia, the average person in the United States earns around $50,000.00/year. In your part of the world, it may be far less. So what could you do with an extra hundred dollars a month when you have your own membership site?

  • Pay off your debts
  • Save up and put your kids through college
  • Set aside money for retirement
  • Donate money to others in need

For most people, it is unfathomable to believe they could earn recurringly each and every month. But thousands of people are doing this and guess what? You could be doing this in your sleep, too!

That’s the beauty of membership sites. Set them up once and you could be waking up every morning to find payments from new members in your email box.

And once their monthly subscription is put on auto-renewal, you’ll be finding those recurring payments every single month!

The Challenges

Up until now, there have been two major hurdles to operating your own membership site:

  • Complications of setting up the membership site system
  • Stable product source to keep delivery of the content fresh

For most non-technical people, setting up a web site is far outside their abilities. A membership site can be among the most complex sites to set up if you don’t know what you are doing.

We’ve heard of many people who have made the investment in very expensive membership software only to stop their project midway because they just couldn’t get things to work properly.

And even if they do get their membership software up and running, they can never seem to find the right high-quality products to promote and sell through their site.


There Is A Better Way

 Memberships Fusion provides you with solutions to these two major challenges.

  • First, for a limited time, we can setup one membership site structure with your preferred software at hand or; we can setup your membership site from scratch using our advanced membership site software that runs on the most widely used WordPress platform! Having your site on WordPress ensures hassle free and seamless membership site maintenance so you can focus on making profits!

Due to the fact that this is a one-on-one custom service, we are limiting installation and setup to 1 (one) membership site per member.

  • Second, we will provide you with a virtually endless stream of high-quality products for your membership site each and every month.With the wide range of product varieties, you can even opt to setup multiple membership sites from the products you acquire from us!
  • Third, we will buy access to any plr and resell rights membership sites at your request if you ever wanted internet marketing tools and products that are not readily available inside Memberships Fusion as long as the license allows us to pass on the product!


Check Out What You’ll Be Getting Access To A Few Minutes From Now

When you join Memberships Fusion, you will gain immediate access to all of these quality membership sites at their premium membership level where you can access tons of products in various media forms!

Site 01: Resell Rights Port

Gold Membership Valued at $27/month

Snap Up An Exclusive, Unlimited Pass to Over $23,578.00 of Quality Internet Marketing and Niche Products Guaranteed to Flood Your Bank Account with Profits!

Each month you will receive dozens of new Internet marketing and niche products with reseller rights, master reseller rights or private label rights delivered every other day.

You will receive access to best-selling ebooks, reports, articles, graphics packages, and much, much more! Your members will positively eat this stuff up!


Site 02: Monthly Private Label Videos

Gold Membership Valued at $47/month

Now You Too Can Harness the Incredible Power of Video When You Gain Unlimited Access to this Secret Video Vault!

Imagine gaining access to a virtual video storehouse of power-packed plr videos you can edit and re-brand as your own creations. Pass reseller rights and/or private label rights to your customers for extra added value!

Each month you’ll receive special access to Internet marketing videos you can resell PLUS private label rights / plr videos!

Site 03: Monthly Auction Profits

Gold Membership Valued at $17/month

Tap the eBay market and start selling info products with your premium access to Monthly Auction Profits!

Digital infoproducts have long been banned on eBay however you can start profiting again from the information products niche by converting your products to physical CD.

Selling in eBay has never been easier with your membership with Monthly Auction Profits. Simply download our monthly products and directly plug the salespage code and you’re all set!

Each month, you will receive 2 PLR eBooks that comes with eBay compliant salespage codes with all images hosted on our server! You also get CD graphics for your listing description as well as standard salespages in case you opt to sell from your website.

Site 04: Blog Casher

Gold Membership Valued at $17/month

Leverage Your Niche Blogging Towards A Massive Recurring Profit Through Driving Hoards of Traffic And Building Backlinks All Done On Auto Pilot! 

With Blog Casher, you’ll get to access 250 ready to post blog articles in 10 niches each month.

You’ll also get 100 ready to post blog comments in each of the 10 niches to drive traffic and build backlinks towards each of your blog!

Site 05: Marketing Millionaire Blueprints

Gold Membership Valued at $27/month

Get The Keys To A Million Dollar Online Business With FOUR (4) Stripped Off Packages Delivered Each Month Covering In Demand Topics That Are Continuously Raking In Hard Cold Cash!

Each month you will receive four well-researched product packages that forces you to make them unique to stand out of the competition therefore giving you an edge in generating profits over competitors!

With the readily-provided guides, you will come up with a unique product you can call your own in no time – a technique most of the marketing millionaires of today have been doing in the secret!



Site 06: Marketing Audio Sessions

Gold Membership Valued at $47/biannual

Access The Inner Secrets of Internet Marketing Including How to Get Started with Minimal Investment, How to Make Money Super Fast, And All With No Technical Skills! 

Gain knowledge from the top marketing gurus in the industry as they share with you the little known secrets that will enable you to reap the riches that can only be made on the Internet!

With your membership, that means you’re on edge as you’re armed with the latest tips and ideas for you business leverage.

Site 07: Internet Marketing Video Depot

Gold Membership Valued at $17/month

Easily Start Your Own Profit-Generating Online Business By Simply Watching Over The Shoulder How Marketing Experts Pumps Out Cash From Thin Air!

Get to know countless golden nuggets that can catapult and bring your business to a new level of greater profits with the growing collection of tutoring and training videos from internet marketing experts that bottles up exceptional ideas that you can implement to your online business!

With your annual membership, you’ll get to access every new addition we make available in the member’s area which means you always get the latest tips and effective strategies throughout your membership!

What more, some products may even come with resell rights to sell for profits!

Site 08: Video Tutorials Depot

Gold Membership Valued at $17/month

Cut Out The Learning Curve On Technical Stuffs And Increase Your Productivity With Our Ever-Growing Wide Array of Video Tutorials On Software and Applications!

With Video Tutorials Depot membership, you’ll be able to have unlimited access to every new video tutorials we make available. It would be your one-stop reference for any technical questions you may encounter 24/7!

You can even make money out of the products as most may come with resell rights!

Site 09: List Profits Monthly

Gold Membership Valued at $9.97/month

Start Generating Leads And Grow Your List And Make Money While Doing It With Ready-Packed List Building Tools And Resources! 

With your membership at List Profits Monthly, you’ll get access to sets of newsletters on carefully researched niches with matching affiliate product and programs to promote that will surely hook up your subscribers and will gain their confidence to buy from you again and again!

It also includes squeeze and thank you pages that makes your list building effort almost hands-free!


Site 10: Newsletters Prime

Gold Membership Valued at $9.97/month

Establish Your Reputation As An Expert In Various Niches With Ready-To-Plug List Building Packages! 

Each month you will get access to a complete list building pack that includes email lessons and newsletter courses that caters to internet marketing and niche topics.

By properly educating your subscribers on a continuous basis, you will eventually establish yourself as an expert in various fields and gain their trust the next time you’ll  promote a valuable product for them!

Site 11: Niche Turnkey

Gold Membership Valued at $19.95/month

Easily Build A Targeted Responsive List By Giving Away Premium Reports Your Subscribers Will Thank You For And Will Gain Their Loyalty!

Each month you will receive two list building reports on carefully researched topics and packed with professionally designed squeeze pages, email followups, and keyword research!

It also comes with profitable affiliate product and programs to promote to make real money for you. Everything is almost hands free it only takes action to put the products into work towards a million dollar online business!

Site 12: Nitro Site Profits

Gold Membership Valued at $19.95/month

Build Your Own Blog Network In No Time And Start Earning Passive Income From CPC’s And Affiliate Offers!

From time to time, you will be receiving a complete turnkey blog you can easily upload and immediately profit from! Each blog comes preloaded with content and affiliate products to promote!

Delivery has been set to weekly to give you ample time to setup everything up and to make it natural for search engines as well as earnings accrual on your merchant account.

Consistently take action and before your knew it at the end of the year, you are earning a passive income from hundreds of virtual real estates!


That’s 12 Killer Membership Websites With Real Value of $236.67 If You Pay Each Per Month!

Each of these membership sites including plr membership sites will provide you with an endless stream of products for you to resell to your own members – some with reseller rights and others with private label rights.


But It Gets Even Better

In addition to receiving access to each of the membership sites, we are also going to provide you with premium bonuses you can use to kickoff your start on your membership sites profit journey!

Check it out:


Bonus 1:


So far this is the most valuable benefit you’d like to take advantage of as it’s not widely offered anywhere else.

With your membership at Memberships Fusion, we will work with you one-on-one to install and setup your membership site! If you have a membership site script at hand, we will get your site installed otherwise, we will use our software for WordPress.

*Due to the time and resources spent on this service, we only offer this bonus 1 per client. Please do note however that copywriting, graphic design, and site customization to your preference is NOT included with this service.


Bonus 2:


With your membership, you’ll get your membership website up and running in no time with our membership site script that runs on the widely used and easiest CMS which is the WordPress platform.

Running your membership site on WordPress is as easy managing your blog!


Bonus 3:


When you become a paid member of Memberships Fusion, not only will you automatically receive free access to every updates we we add to the current memberships we have at hand, but you will also receive price protection.

That’s right.

The cost of your membership will never, ever increase even when we raise prices for new members once our fund raising is over!

Still not convinced? See what others say about us!

There is no one who is building a business online that could not profit (and then some!) from what you are offering here! There should be no question as to the value they will get - you've gone over to the top!
Stephanie Mulac
Stephanie Mulac
To all - be quick and get in while the special prices are on. Even if you miss out, the value is certainly worth the investment. There is more than enough here to create your own membership site, with fresh, great content. oh - and an Article Bank too for content!
Megan McCarthy, PhD
Megan McCarthy, PhD
Adelaide, South Australia
It's a NO Brainer for those who want to save their money on these infoproducts without paying lots of money to buy it in a single promotion!
Heri Rosyadi
Heri Rosyadi

No More Excuses

It’s time for you to embrace your destiny and be all you can be. Now you can own and operate your very own membership site and generate money in your sleep – you can even own and operate multiple membership web sites! Why not?

The sky’s the limit with Memberships Fusion.

Normally, a massive membership program such as this would cost you hundreds of dollars each month, but with Memberships Fusion we have fused all of these independent membership sites into one low investment of $XX on your first month!

This offer is practically a steal!


Act Now And Stay Ahead Of The Competition!

This is a Limited Offer – that means once you leave this page, you probably won’t see this offer again. And if you do, it will be at a much higher price.

Remember the fundraising cause I mentioned earlier? This lowest price point was made possible because we wanted to raise funds to be able to help as much people as possible – these people who were left homeless and lost everything they have during the earthquake and super typhoon.

So act now and start your membership for measly $xx and lock in your membership at $xx per month!

Memberships Fusion has been selling well for $67 per month and we might raise our price anytime in the coming weeks or even days!

Go ahead and ask yourself and see if what you’re getting is a steal! :-)

To secure your copy of this package, simply click on the button below. In just a few minutes from now, you can be setting up your very own membership site, ready to bring you easy profits . . .

You are on mission

Did you know that by joining Memberships Fusion, your membership goes a long a way as we continue to raise funds for the victims of typhoon Haiyan as well as our village outreaches in the Northern Philippines?

1. Homes rebuilt

During our mission outreach last January, we were able to help rebuild a couple of mission houses in Bohol and Leyte.

2. Reaching out to kids

Now for this summer (May), we will go back to Leyte for kids evangelization as well as to distribute school supplies to children in need

3. Village outreaches

Not only your membership supports our mission for the typhoon victims but also our continuing village outreach in Northern Philippines.

This month, we will be in village for kids evangelism as well as distribution of school supplies too!

4. Full support

With the various mission activities for this summer, your full first month membership will go directly to our fund pool to finance all our operations.

And your succeeding membership is helping a lot as we continue reaching out to folks in the Northern Philippines.

Learn more about our cause

Though charities abound, we believe that we are more effective in reaching out to people if we do missions ourselves.

By being hands-on, even donations that has been entrusted to us are ensured to reach to the intended recipients – knowing that most donations to big-name charities mostly go to luxurious operations and overhead costs.

Take Advantage of this Special Offer Today!

Start your way to profits while you're supporting a great cause


All the Best,

Andy Immotna & Nelson Paran

P.S.: If you’ve been whining about wanting to make more money for years, and want to gain financial freedom so you can do all of the things you’ve only dreamt about, you owe it to yourself to join Memberships Fusion right now.

P.S.S.: I warn you. The discounted price to Memberships Fusion will change soon. Act now to lock in your membership starting at just $x then $x each month. Click here to join right now!

P.S.S.S.: Yes, we really will help you to get your membership site up and running at no additional price! Just provide us access to your hosting server and software platform and we’ll do the installation and configuration for you! Act now!

Get On The Early Bird List!

Sign Up To Take Advantage of Our Opening Sale

We will be running a limited time offer in our efforts to raise fund for our relief operation for Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines. Your first month membership will help bring relief goods to the victims and the people in need. Sign up now to be notified when get live and take advantage of our offers!
Andy Immotna
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